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I don't trust the cruise ship's safe so I carry all my money, credit cards and expensive watches with me on shore. My wife also wears all of her expensive jewelry. We want to look good when we go ashore. ;-);-)


I see many people wearing loads of jewelry, nice watches and have a large wallet bulging in their back pocket. Even if the jewelery is costume and the wallet only has a credit card and a few dollars it still makes you more of a target. Dress down while going ashore and only take what you will need. A few dollars, credit card and ID. If you need to wear a watch just put on the $10 Timex. They actually keep time as well as a Rolex.

You'll never be able to completely remove the word "tourist", that only the locals can see, that is stamped to your forehead but you will be able to make it a bit less noticeable and less of a target.

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