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Default Join without C1/D visa????

Hi , can someone please give me some advice again?? i been having problem getting the C1/D visa bcoz of my letter of employment . last week my hiring partner told me that someone at cruise company is trying to sort out my visa problem and he told me to wait for his reply. today got a sms from the hiring partner saying that i dont need visa anymore and i can join the ship without the C1/D. i didnt ask him about who told him that i can join without the visa but as far as i know...all crew need the C1/ it correct?

am i breaking the law ??is the C1/D only for when i enter the country??

i am not going to work in US water ..but i just worry if someone at the crew office will check and see if i got the C1/D when i sign on the i going to get into trouble??should i call the company and confirm rather than just listen to what the hiring partner said???

please can someone who working or worked on a cruiseship give me some info/advice.thanks you alot.
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