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The Carnival Splendor puts a new spin on this question. No, I would not have book a c ruise on that ship when it was smoking - because all the toilets and elevators were dead.

(sorry, but that is what I think everytime I see this question about "a smoking ship.")

Bottom line - I did smoke for many years, and now I actually kind of like second hand smoke. One's first cigarette makes you loopy, nauseated and a little loopy, but I sure liked smoking when I did it.

I quit twice in my life - once form age 25 - 35, and again from age 39 - now. I like the smell of it and even a whiff. I just never smoke a cigarette because I knowe that if I had just one I would be off to the races and full fledge smoker again.

BUt I had that experience of introducing nicotine to my body and getting past the in initial nausea and headaches. If a person has never, ever smoked I imagine they might gets headaches and nausea if they get over exposed to second hand smoke.
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