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So I have a question here. I've never been in a balcony cabin, but unless the ship is in port, we're moving at what? An average of 17 - 20 knots right? So in mere seconds, the air around you is moved around and probably replaced by air up ahead of the ship.

Oh, and if (strong if there) I am still a smoker next time I cruise, I'm going to try the trick of pulling a cigarette out and not lighting it and just have it animated in my hand. Of course I'm a bit in your face at times, and if someone starts making the coughing and waving of hands, I will walk up them and point out its not lit, just to see their reaction.

As for smoking ships, I said on the Costa Atlantica last year out of Lauderdale. Smoking pretty much everywhere except the food areas.

I will say, after reading this thread from beginning to end, there are some down right rude nonsmokers out there in cruise land. Some of us want to quit, and its not the easiest task, but we don't need you throwing all of it in our face every other post, for serious.

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