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I could care less. I have a pacemaker so I need to have the pat down rather than go through the scanner. In my last two trips the "new" pat down procedures were in effect. The main differences were that they now use the inside of their hands and they go right up to the groin.

I always thought the previous pat down procedures were not thorough. You could do the old "crotch it" trick that we used to smuggle a small bottle or other substance into a concert and get buy with no problem. Now it isn't as easy. They also use a new pair of gloves for each pat down and then test them for explosive residue.

I really don't understand the outcry that is going on. I think the "Don't Touch My Junk" guy probably got a little aroused and confused during the procedure and is lashing out.

In regard to the scanner: If someone wants to see the enhanced x-ray image of a bald fat guy then go for it. Just as long as they catch the explosives that someone has in their crotch or stuffed in their bra.

I am all for individual rights but if you want to get on an airplane, that is extremely vulnerable to explosives, then you need to be electronically or bodily searched.

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