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Default Cruise Ships - The Bigger The Better?

After getting off our 3rd cruise on Miracle, there was one thing I have really been made aware of now. Depending on what your looking for in a cruise, I think the title of my thread is false. What are your thoughts?

I think the one best thing I just realized about our recent Miracle cruise in relation to the size of the ship is that there was NEVER any problem getting into a pool, hot tub, or deck chair on the entire cruise. This was a problem on both Valor in 2006 and Libtery in 2008 for us.

Now with that being said, the newest ships are the largest with the most "Stuff" to do. I am geniunely intrigued about ships like Magic and especially RCI's Oasis and and Allure of the Seas. These ships alone are mere wonders of the world themselves, and I think I really want to see them IRL.

I believe bigger is the way of the future of cruising as costs increase, to maintain profit margins, they just need to take more people. Older, smaller ships will become (and may have already) the quieter, maybe more relaxing, but slightly more expensive option.

Mostly looking for feedback from experienced cruises who have experienced some BIG ships, and the smaller ones and overall, which experience was better.

We're going cruising again, without a doubt, but the ship is up in the air. Even the itinerary does not interest us that much anymore.

I believe our future vacations will become a cruise alone, whereas all 3 past cruises included Disney World, Universal Studios, or a NASCAR race. We try to cram in what we can because we travel all the way from Canada. But, I think we are over that now. Now, vacation is a cruise only, and a time to truely relax.


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