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Hmmm, interesting. Thanx for the feedback Paul!

Liked your first statement about "Right" size. I Agree (Based on the whoping 3 cruises we have done ).

I agree if the size is justified and the space is utilized.

WRT ship size on Queen Mary 2, can't comment, but really, I think Carnival is "Grand" enough for my blood. Their slogan says it all, "The Fun Ships". That's us! I am really not interested in the dining room, and on Miracle we even tried Nick & Nora's. I will say it was the best steak I have ever eaten, but the prim and proper atmosphere and and experience is just not us. It is not who we are, and we do not try to fool anyone by acting as such. Our money, our vacation, our choice. No offence to the people that DO enjoy these atmospheres, it's your money, your vacation, your choice and the only person you should worry about pleasing is yourself...Hence, we do the same our way.

WRT Bigger Casino, meh, we only play a few slots.
Deck space, yeah, I'll take that.
Kid's facilities and family stuff, we have no kids, no plans for any, and so far we have cruised with no more than one other couple. While torn about planning a family cruise in the future, we also appreciated time alone togther and doing whatever we wanted at any time. (Get your mind outta the gutter thats not what I am taling about Well, not ALL the time anyway )

Anyone else with feedback?

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