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To each his / her own but I can't get this " it's all about freedom and liberty stuff and they're not touching me or my child "--- the terrorists don't give a damn about anyone's freedom or liberty or about your precious children--their objective is to kill people by any means possible and to garner all the publicity they can for doing so. Therefore, bringing down a plane full of people is instantly flashed all over the world--scoring a home run for the terrorists--they couldn't care less about how many kids were on the plane.
They only have to be right once in thousands of tries. We have to be 100 % right ALL the time or we lose.
If people don't want to be scanned, take the greyhound. If they don't want to be touched, take the greyhound. When I fly, which I do every few months, I want to be damn sure some nut isn't on the plane with me with an underwear or bra full of plastic explosives to blow us all up.The average person flies so little in this country that the amount of radiation they absorb in a body scan is not enough to make you glow in the dark, give you horrible growths, etc. People so concerned about their health in a body scan will undoubtedly stop at a fast food joint and scarf down a Big Mac, large fries and large coke while in the airport between flights-- that's really being health conscious!!
Face it--the world has changed. If you want to be safe, then you need to change with it.If you can't abide by the safety rules implemented for the benefit of the majority of people, then don't create a stink--just stay the heck home or ride the bus. Don't create problems for the vast majority that want to protect themselves and their families by abiding by the new laws and rules.
I have nothing to hide and don't care if they pat me down, pat me up , over or under. I know I'm ok--But I don't know about the guy behind me-- therefore , he needs to be patted and scanned too.
Do you think someone's going to show up an airport with a large sign saying " I'm a terrorist and will blow your plane up if you let me on?"
Hardly--so, what do you do--you treat everyone the same and save all the lives you can by using the new rules.
Get with it or get on the bus, Gus!
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