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Default First Cruise, Navigator, help!

Hubby and I are taking our first cruise Dec. 4 on Navigator of the Seas. We have passports and have our reservations complete. Other than that, all the options are a little overwhelming and expensive!

What are the best free things to do onboard? We will stop in Georgetown and Cozumel - best options there? The snorkling interests me but I'm not a good swimmer at all and rarely get in a pool. I'd like to try something new and fun, but don't want to pay a ton and then be too out of shape to enjoy! We're both larger people in good health, late 40's early 50's.

Onboard, what packages are worthwhile? I am surprised that you even have to pay for softdrinks...sheesh.

Who should we tip and how much? It's a 5 night cruise and we have a balcony room.

ANY help or tips would be so appreciated! We probably have an additional $400 - $500 we can spend on the cruise. I am also a professional photographer, so those opportunities would be great. Thanks so much!!! I will be checking back here regularly.
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