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Like I posted I have no problem being patted down, I do however am not fond of the body scanners until they can assure me thatís the amounts of radiation is very low. As a person who has had some health issues in the past that required me to have a number of CT scans, Pet scans & MRIís I do have some concern over being more exposed to higher doses of radiation. I donít have my teeth x-rayed once a year as my dentist suggests, but every 1 Ĺ years instead. I do go for a yearly mammogram due to cancer risk in my family.

Not all people who oppose this scanning are running to McDonalds and eating junk food so thatís pretty unfair to say. My main concern is safety and making sure everyone safe. I did go through the scanner once this past August and was fine with it but for the people who fly all the time it is a health concern. As far as the people who refuse do scan or pat down DONíT FLY!

As far as screening pilots theyíre the ones flying the plane they donít need bombs to bring down the plane theyíre the ones in charge!!! If they want to bring it down they will.
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