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With all the talk , both for and against the pat downs and scans, I bet if the airlines and TSA came up with a plan that just said--we give up--fly at your own risk-- I bet the lines would be gone and the planes pretty well empty.
Then when several planes were blown out of the air, the whiners would be begging for " safety " in flying.
We always seem to go to the extremes to try to please everyone, every religion, be Mr. nice guy to everyone, etc.and it can't be done.We have to implement the best safety system we can and stick with it, regardless of what a few say. If that few doesn't want to fly, let 'em walk.
A plane load of human beings lives are more important than worrying about hurting someone's supposed pride at being " touched " or scanned with a low dose of radiation. No, I wouldn't necessarily want to have a cat scan everyday for months on end but again a scan for your clothing is different that scanning for a tumor, etc. and how many people, on average, fly enough to worry about the radiation anyway.
I find it kind of ironic or even amusing at the junk food we, as Americans in general consume in a year that makes us overweight, gives us high blood pressure and diabetes, feed same to the kids so they become obese--we drive while texting, talk on a cell phone while driving, drink and drive thereby endangering our own health as well as our kids and others on the roads but yet feel it's unsafe and unhealthy to undergo a scan at an airport once or twice a year that may save a plane load of peoples lives.
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