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Truck cruiser,I agree you may travel by any means you please. that includes driving but you don't have the right to drive drunk. ( Not saying you do--just using an example of so-called " rights " --and using your own example of traveling by any means-- and pointing out that even driving has it's restrictions ) Therefore if rules and practices are put into place to protect the majority of people who choose to fly, then the rules should apply to all, not waived for a few or one or two who object to the rules. If you don't want to comply with the pat down and scan, then as you say, you are certainly free to choose an alternative method of getting from point a to point b. But don't expect the entire country to change just for you or a few like you.
The safety of many overrides the objections of a few. If you don't, won't or can't abide by the rules and system, by all means choose whatever method of travel you have at your command--that's the point I have made all along and thanks for helping me make that point.
You make a couple of good points too--there hasn't been any airplanes blown up since 9-11 that we actually know of ---wonder why--- would it be because in most parts of the world new measures since 9-11 were taken to keep it from happening, and in a couple of instances, just pure luck? I would certainly think the stepped up security has had a lot to do with it. How many near-misses we've had we will probably never know. But just one that does slip through is all it takes to needlessly get a bunch of people killed . I would hate to have that happen , especially if my kids, grand kids or even my own rear end were on that one plane.
Go to any courthouse and what happens--you have to walk through a scanner that beeps if you have any metallic object on your person. An armed guard or guards are there to make sure you don't get inside a courtroom with a gun , knife, etc to do harm to someone. I never heard any hue and cry from people over this. I had a pack of Rolaids in my pocket a few days ago, was in my small hometown and went to the court house and the scanner beeped--it was the foil in the Rolaids that set it off. I didn't feel violated or that my freedom was threatened by someone with a gun wanting to know what set off the beeper.
Regarding seeing this as a grab at your freedoms, I don't see how trying to keep you and the general public safe is tampering with your freedom.
We can go back to flying as usual prior to 9-11 and see how long it will be before several aircraft are brought down by idiots with bombs, etc. We can bury our heads in the sand but when we do, we have a nasty habit of leaving another part of our anatomy exposed, begging to be kicked. When it happens, it's too late to say we " should have done this, that, etc ."
Terrorism is not going to go away if we pat, scan, take blood samples, or what ever. The airport security is just one link in a long chain of things we have to adapt to in the world we live in today. Terrorists will continue to find new ways to kill people, from blowing up planes with bombs to missiles fired from the ground, etc. They are constantly working on new ways to kill, therefore we too have to continuously work on new ways to thwart them and their plans.
I don't know that we will ever totally defeat people who are bound and determined to kill anyone who may cross their path-- kids, old, young, civilians, military or whomever it may be--they just want to kill and that's it. They gloat like they've done something heroic when they kill people.
Sooner or later someone is going to bomb a shopping mall-- I'm totally surprised it hasn't happened yet but when, where and how they will strike is an unknown, but that they will is for certain.
I wish I had the answers but unfortunately I do not and neither does anyone else.--but if the new procedures at the airport calls for me to be patted down and scanned and if it saves just one life, then it's all worth it.
However you travel, here's hoping you start off and end up safe and sound!
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