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I am onboard...

Darn it, I just lost aa long post.

Gene Sloan is here as well as Teijo (married to CSB) and a few other media folks I know.

We just did the offficial opening of Starbucks, which was weird because they also still have the same oild Seattle's Best coffee place with free fod, etc. Thwe Starbucks station is smaller, on of those little kiosks in the middle of the halllway. Adam Goldstein, Vicki Freed and some Starbucks brass were there to celebrate the ifrst pour of coffee. But it seems a little redundant to me, I htought Syarbucks had rewplaced Seattle's best. And both companies are from Seattle, too.

I have taken pictures of all the new things - Britto art Gallery, The hot dog stand, Seattles Best, Rosie's Cantina, various works of art. I will post them soon.

So far I have a confession. RCL is not happy with me now. I have had two mishaps in a row that got me on their bad side. First I accidentally putout a press release about 45 minutes early they wanted held up (for the DreamWorkas aggreement) - it was barely even noticable (I did not link it in to our frint page) but Google picked it up and "another cruise site" called RC: and turned me in. They had to have been monitiring Google News for "royal Caribbean Dreamworks" on a minute by minute basis to even see it. but any chance for CC to get me in trouble will not be missed.

Next - on this trip they booked my flight a day early assuming I would get a hotel. we had the discussed the possibility of me getting a hotel but we never confirmed it. Anyway, I got in a day early, arriving by 2:00 pm, and thought they meant for me to goto the ship. I went and they said "what are you doing here?"

"umm, you sent me a ticket, remember?"

Anyway, they were REALLY NICE ABOUT IT and actually found me a nice hotel room, so all is well. It is baad to be the trouble maker of the bunch, though.

I have pictures of all the new stuff up next!
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