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We just had out lifreboat drill and our first taste of DreamWorks. One of the penguins from one of the movies said he was taking the ship to Antarctica.

I have a feeling this Dreamworks thing is going to go further than most of us imagined. We know the charatcters will be in some of the shows and visiting the kids faciklities, but I would not be surprised if it gets more Disney-like all the tiime, with Po the Kung Fu bear showing up on stage while the cruise director is talking for example.

Jeffrey Katzenburg is here onboard and he is here to "meet the press" - he was the one who created a lot of the Disney Animation movies and when he took over DreamWorks his goal was to do almost everything Disney has ever done with animation.

His latest thing is ti maake everything they release in 3-D movie format. The characters are pretty well-knwn and are popular with kids:

Shrek, Po, HOw to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar and the new "MegaMind: starring Brad Pitt.

It seems to me RCL is going to take this whole Dreamworks thing further than you probabluy ever guessed, but so far they are limited to the Oasis and Allure, and eventually the Freedom Class ships.

We are scheduled to meet the Dreamworks chaaracters (the media) during a sailaway party in 30 minutes.

More soon!!! with pictures.
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