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Originally Posted by Richardd2662 View Post
I can see why Carnival dropped Formal night as I have been on Carnival out of Galveston many times and I hate to say it but the class of passengers and style of entertainment is well below HAL et al. They have in essence booked trasy people and have trashy entertainment.
You are certainly are going to get some response on this one however having cruised on many some 45 in all I will take offense to your comments as we were on the 49 day Carnival Splendor around SA and almost all dressed in appropriate attire and this cruise was divided into three segments.You may find more following the dress code on Celebrity and Holland and I will agree that on cruises less than a week many will not be bothered with the requested dress code.My experience is that some will dress the same way in local restaurants and you are not going to change their ways.
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