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I refuse to not live my life out of fear. I hate to fly but do so a few times a year because it makes the most sense for me. I hate long car rides and the train sounds less the appealing to me. People need to do what their comfortable with and whatís best for them. My older sister will be flying for the first time in her life this coming April, sheís terrified. Iím giving my then 15 year old son the option as far as pat down or scanner in April. Heís a seasoned traveler and I think heís old enough to choose whatís right for him. I did explain what happens in both cases. It will be interesting to see what he chooses.

Iíve been reading into both arguments and it seems the problem with the scanners is the radiation is concentrated to just under the skin not throughout the entire body and experts believe that the amount is too high for just that area. It also seems there are already changes being made to give a less detailed image of the personís body. I will always go for the pat down not because of not wanting to be seen on the scanner but purely for the sake of less radiation. The TSA lady can pat away just; donít make me late for my flight!

Just one more thing, for the passengers who are going to get patted down just to prove a point and try and create longer lines youíre the ones who will be stuck in that line and stand the chance of missing your flight and if you do donít complain!
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