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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz View Post
And go commando in loose fitting shorts.

BTW, do they take off their gloves after EACH person is groped? If not, couldn't they be cross contaminating from one person to another?
They are required to use a new pair of gloves each time they do a pat down. When the pat down is finished they put the gloves in a machine that tests for explosive residue.

The last TSA agent I had pat me down said that problems can arise if someone had been target shooting or have any gunshot residue on their body. This would trigger a positive and that person would be pulled out for a "private screening" and questioning.

Also: I believe that even if they didn't change the gloves between people the cross-contamination risk would be minimal. They are only touching the external clothing. You have a greater risk of cross-contamination sitting on a public bench or bus stop.

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