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I am so glad that all of you have included your points of view. It has made for a very good discussion.

Mike, I agree about you saying that handling a gun, might be reason to test positive. On our last flight, I was picked to test for anything on my finger tips. I quickly told her I had been to the range the day before. There was nothing there, because I wash my hands so often, but it could have tested positive.

I personally think the terrorist are laughing at us. They have done what they wanted to do, which is disrupt our lives.

They tried the bombs on the cargo planes a few weeks ago, and that didn't work, they tried the under wear, and that was found out, so I think the next strike will be someone with cemicals, that they brought with them over the border of Mexico. While homeland security has it's hand down our pants, the borders remain wide open, for anyone to walk through.
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