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Exclamation Distilled water

Originally Posted by Kismet23 View Post
Thank you for the great responses!

As for why I would take water bottles onto the ship with me...I am taking medical equipment that requires distilled water.

Then, I figure if I am taking the water bottles, I may as well take the soda of my choosing, as well.

We'll definitely try out Sabatini's, thanks for the recommendation!
Aha! I use a CPAP machine and normally use distilled water in the humidifier. However, for the course of a voyage I just fill it with the tap water, which is usually pretty low in minerals. At least some of it is desalinated by the ship itself. By the end of a long cruise I will have a slight crust in the humidifier but a rinse with vinegar takes care of that easily.

If you have other sorts of needs for distilled water, have your travel agent contact ship's services in advance and they can normally see that you have a supply in the cabin.

Distilled water, of course, is different from normal bottled water, which in fact usually has a high mineral content!
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