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Sorry if I missed this - yes they do have the Rising Tide bar - just like Oasis. Ironically, I never took it. (guess i dont really see the point).

We ate at the Churrascarria on the last night and it was exceptional. Just like on Epic they have a great hor d' ouevre/ salad bar to start out then they start bringing the meat.

They have a bit of everything - veal, chicken, lambchops, catanya, (which is delectible tri-tip). It was all just great.

They also started with a special Brazilian soup I did not try but I heard it was excellent. Sorry I dont remember what it is called.

We also had an exchgange of gifts betyween Allure and Oasis at sea outside the port of Ft Lauderdale. Oasis sailed out to meet us saturday night as we were waiting to re-enter the port. It was interestinfg to see Oasis at Sea like that.
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