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In a way it reminds me of the "Krazy Klowns" they had whenthey started Voyager of the Seas. The idea was to have a pack of entertainers who did random acts of goofyness aroubd the ship - but it was aimed more at adults than kids. It was just an odd idea that sort of worked, but also left a lot of people scratching their heads.

I truly do think this will be different. There is one parade, one ice show and a dance show on the Aqua Thearter stage featuring these DreamWorks creatures.

There is one morning of breakfasts with them (7:30 and 9:00). Other than that they will show up at kids playareas mostly, and that is about it.

We had one time when a penguin took over the captains sailaway announcement, but it was actually pretty funny. Fain made a face when someone asked about it.

We will see, but so far I am giving RCL the benefit of the doubt that they will not go too far with it.
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