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Default Miracle, one man calypso - unacceptable


I have been reading many reviews about the Carnival Miracle, saying that the calypso duo was replaced with a one man calypso musician. Cruisers have been saying that this ruined the cruise pool daytime atmosphere and was simply terrible.

It was an unfortunate downgrade when the calypso bands were replaced with the duos, and we were assured that the calypso bands would never be less than a duo. John assured readers on the blog that there are at least calypso duos on every ship including the Miracle, and that hopefully carnival will bring back the full bands soon. Anyway, recent Miracle cruisers have stated that there was indeed a one man calypso musician instead of a duo and that it was awful.

Is there anyone who can address this, so hopefully we can see the calypso band or at least duo that we were promised aboard the Miracle for our cruise in a couple of weeks. Hopefully Carnival can address this now as it has voided a promise and also disappointed many, before it continues to upset many more.
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