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Originally Posted by oeshpdog2 View Post
We just returned from the Conquest and it had a Calypso duo. But get had a full "latin band" and another full band that played a variety of "Country music songs and rock." It also had at least 2 other solo performers and another generic duo. It did not make any sense. Why cut back on what is played out by the pool and keep full bands that played only along the Promenade?? A lot of things on our cruise did not make sense...
Makes perfect sense to me. That's really what the majority now prefer. The Calypso duo are really better as that allows for more acts. Since they have the big screen they have cut back on the outdoor live entertainment and weather and other scheduled events cut back on the available time on deck.

They have really not cut back at all, it is just different. Basically they have x number of cabins for the on board entertainers and they are still using the full allotment, but booking more duos and solos so that they can have a wider variety of music. Don't forget the magician on the Conquest too.

Calypso isn't as popular as it once was and is much harder to find in the Caribbean. As Trip said, I have my iPod loaded up with cruise music.
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