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Default Re: Is Disney Good for Adults?

If you are a Disney-o-phile, then it is a must do.

Even if you are not a Disney-o-phile, Disney Cruise Lines puts out a quality product, which would make it good for adults, with the following caveats.

If you like to read, there is not library on board, like there is on some ships.

If you like to gamble, there is not a casino on board, like there is on some ships.

You can lead the passengers to the adult entertainment district, but you can't make 'em dance. I have heard the nightlife on the Disney ships closes down earlier than on some other cruise ships.

If you want a cheaper cruise, then you might want to choose another cruise line. Disney Cruise Lines is more expensive than some other cruise lines, but I have always found the higher cost worth it.

If being around alot of children gives you hives, then you may want to choose a cruise line with fewer children on it.

As I understand it, when Disney Cruise Lines cruises to Alaska next summer, there may be as many as 1000 children on some of the cruises. But having said that . . .

There may be that many children on board, but you seldom ever see 'em. Almost the only times I've seen 'em is when they are at a meal with their parents and/or on a shore excursion with their parents.

They are at an organized activity up on the sports deck.

Or, I've seen 'em through the open doors of the children's clubs and labs, when I walked by 'em.

Whether you cruise with Disney or not, here's hoping you enjoy your next cruise.
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