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When you cruise again what would you do different?
* Pack different? I have downsized considerably since stringent charges began, but, I can still do better...

* Pick a different stateroom? I usally get a balcony or ov midship,and will continue to
* Pick a different dinning room time? I like early, used to do late, but don';t want to still be eating at 1o pm anymore
* Choose a different sailing itinerary? I see a southern in my future.

* Spend less on photos? I don't take any photos anymore,,I got smart
* Drink less? Usually just a bottle or 2 of wine for a week..I am a cheap date!
* Eat less? I never went crazy with overindulging, so no...
* Book a cruise longer than the last one? I am a happy camper with 7 days, call me crazy....
* Do more or less in port excursions? I would love to do more and be more adventuresome.
* Stay on board the ship at some ports I think staying on board is a crime, unless you are in Jamaica

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