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When you cruise again what would you do different?
* Pack different?
I have my packing down fairly well. I like Country Club Casual cruises and while I don't dress like a slob I do not miss the jacket and tie nor the suit or tuxedo.

* Plan different?
Perhaps: On my last cruise I went to a new destination (Roatan) and relied on a few people who said there was nothing to do there so I just booked a beach day. I sort of kick myself for not seeing as much of a new place as I could. It's what I usually do, Only you can form your own opinion of a new place.

* Pick a different stateroom?
I book a balcony cabin or better and I am usually happy with that. My last balcony cabin, on Epic, left a little to be desired but it was not terrible.

* Pick a different dinning room time?
I like Freestyle or Open Seating dining and it's what I now look for. If I do have traditional I now choose early. I'm getting too old for late seating.

* Choose a different sailing itinerary?
I always look for an itinerary that goes somewhere I haven't been before. The Caribbean is getting a little old.

* Spend less on ?????
Alternative restaurants. On Epic we had $600 in OBC and still had a final bill just over $500. Didn't drink that much and gambling didn't go on the account. We did do two ship's excursions and that accounted for a large chunk.

* Spend less on photos?
Hardly ever buy one.

* Drink less?
Don't really drink that much.

* Eat less?
Nope: Eating interesting food is one of the main reasons I cruise.

* Book a cruise longer than the last one?
I would love all cruises to be 10 days or more but sometimes that's just not possible.

* Do more or less in port excursions?
Do as much in a new port as possible. Caribbean ports, that I've been to a number of times, such as Grand Cayman or Ocho Rios, I may just stay on the ship.

* Stay on board the ship at some ports?
See above

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