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Originally Posted by suse View Post
Personally, I agree with Sail. There is nothing militant about preferring smoke-free zones on your expensive verandah. Like I said, we've had a hard time with smokers on all sides of us and it is just not fair to have it ruin our pleasure. Sure, we can go with Celebrity. I've done that but not liked the line as much.
So, this December, I found a solution. For the first time, I've booked a land vacation. I'll take my money elsewhere. No sour grapes, here; I just can't stand being around that filthy habit. Hope HAL starts to change things a bit.........but I doubt it's going to happen.
Sus.. I have no issue with people who hate the idea of smoking anywhere. But you are doing exactly what I was suggesting the point was.... sending your message to the cruise line, by letting your money speak for you.

My point all along in this discussion... the cruise lines will change their policies the fastest if you don't give them your money, and let them know why.

By continuing to support them financially people are giving them at least tepid support for their current policies to continue. Even if loyal customers complain, but keep booking, they'll think they can keep them as customers and perhaps attract another audience as well.
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