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Talking Non smoking resort

Originally Posted by suse View Post
I guess I am being challenged here. I am going to a beach resort that allows no smoking in rooms,and nowhere on the premises. I'm not sure you needed to "smart reply" me unless you are a discouraged smoker who hates nonsmokers. Whatever. You may think smoking is a kick, but try spending some time in some ICU wards in hospitals. You may lose your lust for that tobacco product when you see people gag and beg for breath. I am so done with this thread. Ugh. I agree with Usha, tho. She's always a voice of reason.
Goodness -- not being challenged. Just asked a simple question. Thanks for the answer. It was information that was not in your previous post. The fact that a beach resort can survive with that sort of restriction but a cruise ship apparently can not is very interesting. I guess there are a whole lot more beach resorts than cruise ships, and the average occupancy of any particular one is smaller.

And I am not sure you need to try to classify me. Happens that I quit smoking many years ago. I don't think it is a kick and have no lust for it. Why would you think that?

If you only want support for your own position, and don't want to discuss with people who differ from you, I guess you are right ... this is not a good thread for you. Bye.
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