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Default Who cares.... I guess I do....

This quote,taken from the NCL brochure about the newest ship,the Epic,
has been taken literally......

"Our only request? Please do exactly what you want to do whenever you want to do it."

The quote, not necessarily pertains to the dress code, but I think a large percentage of the cruisers on my cruise, took it literally, and it showed in the dress aboard the ship, at night

This is the first cruise I have taken, where it seemed for many, going to a show at night, meant dressing like you were running out to the corner store. Cut off shorts, sneakers and and hoodies, stood next to someone in nice evening apparel. The nicely dressed cruiser was the older cruiser. Each did their own thing, but, I have to say, the overall look at night was frenetic, and, unappealing to my eye.

Gotta be a generational thing, or just someone coming up the cruise ranks from earlier days, who thinks fine dining, means appropriate dressing.

So, I have sailed the Epic, tried freestyle, and, will pass.....I know, I know, I am probably in the minority,and I am just getting old

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