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Phil and Liz--I really noticed smoking only in the Sports Bar and Casino. The rest of the ship really hardly ever. I've smelled worse on other ships, believe me, but my husband (who was a former smoker and had health issues) noticed it and it bothered him so much that he had to leave the casino. They gave us a survey the last night and asked if we smoked, did it bother us to be on board a ship which allowed smoking, would we change allegiances and go to another cruise line which did not allow smoking, would we tell our friends about it, etc. They did not harp on the issue, but did say to refrain from smoking on deck areas (as wind may carry ash which may start a fire on board) and in cabin. I saw no smokers (but was not actively looking for them) nor ashtrays in any of the lounges/bars, nor did I smell any smoke in any public areas except those two listed above. I remember from other cruises that smoking was often permitted on one side of the ship rather than the other side, and most would congregate in those areas on that side. However, this was certainly not the case here.
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