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Originally Posted by shanah View Post
Do any of you pack a little medical bag to take on the cruise that you put together yourselves? If so what should I pack? We leave on Jan. 15th on the Oasis for a 7 night eastern Caribbean cruise. We are nervous cause I just got out of hospital from a septic uti infection and hope nothing happens on the cruise as I am medically fragile and was on home infusion therapy after my hospital stay and then started a oral antibiotic this past friday and the dr. is going to put me on preventative antibiotic therapy while on cruise but I am trying to think of things that could happen so that I can bring things so I don't have to dr. onboard if something minor comes up. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Shana
A first aid kit is always a good idea for travel. You never know when you will get blisters, cuts, scrapes or other minor injuries and a trip to the infirmary is $100 + just for to put a band-aid and anti-sceptic on a boo boo. Basic OTC medications for headache, diarrhea, cold or allergies are also a good idea.

In regard to what prescription medications you should take; that is a question only your doctor should answer.

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