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Default Working as Sales Associate(Jewellery)in RCI

Good day,i have some questions regarding working as Sales Associate in Royal Caribbean International.
Im 22 years old and i live in Turkey.There's a hiring agent of Royal Caribbean International in here and i contacted him for a job,and he told me that i can work as sales associate in different fields such as perfume,jewellery,textile,watches,eye glasses etc.

I dont have any previous experience as Sales Associate but i started working in a Jewellery shop in capital city.Interview's will be in February,so i have 2 months to get experience.These are the questions;

1)Im also learning Spanish,and hopefully ill learn basic things,will it improve my chances?

2)What kind of questions can be asked during the interview?(this is the most important question)

3)Will working 2 months in Jewellery shop enough to get the job?Im fluent in English.I can only apply for this job once,and its also my only chance to save my life,so i dont wanna fail the interview.

4)What are the working conditions of Sales associate? How many hours a day will i work? and also i want to know more about wages.What are the chances of promotion?

5)I also worked as a volunteer in Finland for 2 weeks.Is it noteworthy to put it in CV and tell it during the interview?Or they just dont care about it?

6)What kind of jewellery things they're selling in ships? Just expensive diamonds,emeralds etc or are there semi-expensive things and cheap things also?

I look forward to receive the answers for my questions.Thank you.
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