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I have become used to seeing a more casual dress code, over the past several cruises. This was my first freestyle cruise. Admittedly, I was sa bit be standing in line for the show, and seeing the hoodie and shorts along with people dressed for a night on the town. Does it detract from my having a nice evening, general it's just the casualness of our lifetsyle in general, that is displayed on cruise ships, as it is everywhere it or hate it, it's a fact of life. I guess just seeing it so overwhelmingly casual, was a kick in the head

I am glad there are ships that cater to broad specrums of the population that cruises. If you cruise a ship that is not a good fit...there are lots of optiions ..a good thing.

As I said in my op, if you have a long cruise history, you have seen how it was, and how, it has changed..some love it, some don't, and, many don't care at all..

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