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Originally Posted by blueliner View Post
I don't mind people relaxing and being a little less formal while on vacation, but does being on vacation mean we throw all decorum out the balcony door? I don't think long pants, sleeves and a collar are too much to ask for in the dining room. Nor is it too much to ask for wearing some kind of cover over your bathing suit in the buffet, or at least wearing a shirt of SOME kind when you are not on the pool deck, but down inside the ship. You don't have to dress up for formal night, I really don't care if you wear a suit or tux, but at least some sleeves and a collar!!!
I agree with you. It takes just as much effort to put on a pair of pants and a polo/hawaiian casual type shirt as it does to put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and for the ladies it is actually easier, cooler and more comfy imo to throw on a sun or sheath dress and a pair of sandals than to put on a pair of shorts and a top, whats the big deal, i guess i just don't get it
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