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Originally Posted by LisaK View Post
I agree with you. It takes just as much effort to put on a pair of pants and a polo/hawaiian casual type shirt as it does to put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and for the ladies it is actually easier, cooler and more comfy imo to throw on a sun or sheath dress and a pair of sandals than to put on a pair of shorts and a top, whats the big deal, i guess i just don't get it
There's nothing to get. It amazes me that people think that putting on a pair of shorts is easier than putting on a pair of pants. Or that throwing on a sports coat takes monumental effort. And putting on a tie? Why, it would be easier to run a marathon. And putting on all of those things will just ruin a vacation, won't it?
Well, we are a nation of obese people, so I guess these kinds of dressing activities would be a strain on many people...
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