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Default Miracle Cruise 2010 Part 2

Carnival Miracle Part 2
Friday November 12, Sea Day

We spent a rocky 1st night on board, and were still feeling it by the next morning.
I spent most of the morning fighting nausea with rest, Gravol, and trying to find a green apple. Apparently, green apples help with nausea, but there was not one to be found on the ship, not in the buffet, not in the dining room, not even from room service.
Very strange....

It was a rather quiet day, time to relax, read, knit, go to Trivia, sit in the sun, dip in the pool, exactly what I love about sea days.

What I didn't love though, was the music at the aft pool area.
The aft pool is where people go who want to escape the kids, the noise, the fun and games and the loud pool band of the main pool area. In other words, we seek peace and quiet, to read, talk with friends, have a drink, and relax.

The "muzak" piped in this area did not allow for any of this. It was loud, annoying, questionable in lyrical content, and in some cases, just horrible electronic techno-pop.
Even wearing my own ear-phones and trying to listen to my own choice of music was thwarted because the amplified muzak was just too loud.
Each morning it was peacefully quiet until about 11 am, then that garbage started up.
Why can't we just enjoy some peace and quiet and the sound of the sea all day?

And while I am in the complaining mood, I will mention drink prices. They have gone up yet again. A drink-of-the-day, in the souvenir cup will now set you back $7.50, or $5.50 in a regular small glass. I refused to pay those prices and did not order one single drink poolside or anywhere else all week.
Actually, one evening in the theatre I ordered 1 glass of white wine and 1 rum & coke and the bill was $16.95!! The single glass of wine was $9 and I never ordered another one.
I don't know if the other cruise lines have upped their drink prices like Carnival but they are going to price themselves right out of business.

On this first sea day, it was "Elegant Night" for dinner in the dining room, and I was relieved to see that for the most part, guests respected the dress code. At least there were no shorts.....

Dinner was once again, marvelous. For starters for the 4 of us, we tried Caesar Salad, Fruit Plate, and West Indian Pumpkin Soup, and for entrees, we had Lobster with Giant Tiger Shrimp, Flat iron Steak, and Spaghetti with Bacon, Cheese and Garlic.
Our desserts were Pineapple Sorbet, Cherries Jubilee, Banana Diet Cake and a Cheese Plate. All selections were wonderful, and service was fast and friendly.

After dinner, the 4 of us made the rounds of the formal portrait set-ups in the Photo Gallery and the main lobby area. Since we were cruising to commemorate the special occasion of my sister's 50th birthday, we had to have several portraits taken as souvenirs. The photos too, were expensive, at $20 a portrait, and I don't don't normally bother, but since it was a special occasion.....

Our photo shoot was followed by the Big Band Show in the Phantom Theatre, starring Christopher Allan Graves, a very personable and talented singer, who performed the classics of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., with the accompaniment of a live band and the Carnival singers and dancers. A great show!

After the theatre, we went to a lounge area to see and hear some karaoke.
Unfortunately, it was being run by two young, incompetent members of the entertainment staff who were goofing around themselves and not giving passengers a chance to sing. We witnessed the Cruise Director come to check them out, and then leaving with a thunderous look on his face. Shortly thereafter, one of the young guys was called away and never came back....

Discouraged with karaoke, we then tried Frankenstein's Disco, which advertised 50's and 60's music every night at 10:00pm.

Unfortunately, Frankstein's Disco is a smoking lounge and I lasted all of 5 minutes in there before I couldn't breathe and had to leave. The best music on the ship was played there nightly, but I could never enjoy it because of the smoke. Another disappointment.

Finally, we ended up going to see Music Unlimited play in Frankie & Johnnies, a non-smoking club. We couldn't get in, it was so crowded, but there was seating just outside the door and we enjoyed an amazing long set of Golden Oldies before heading off to bed around 11:30, looking forward to another sea day tomorrow....
Goodnight from Flat Stanley and the Dog....

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