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Default Miracle Cruise 2010 Part 3

Carnival Miracle Part 3
Saturday Nov. 13, 2010 Sea Day

The perfect Sea Day; hot, around 80 degrees but not humid, breezy, and much less rocky than yesterday. We staked out deck chairs by the aft pool early and stayed there most of the day, foregoing all activities for time in the sun, since I lost half a day yesterday being sick.

My cousin was not feeling well this day, but I did find my sister sunbathing on
the aft deck.

We decided we had to try the crazy spiral slide on the upper deck.
This is a slide that does not end in a pool, but just gradually comes to a stop
on a straight-away, although there is deeper water at the end, and a big splash.
My husband was armed with the camera and the video camera for this event,
and the video is hilarious with us screaming all the way down, and me coming
up choking and spluttering after getting a face full of salt water.
Unfortunately, he could not take still pictures at the same time, but I did get a
photo of the slide later on.

There was no muzak all morning, and when it did come on, it was turned down a
little to bearable, but by the afternoon I had had enough and decided to try a 4 pm Pilates class. After changing into workout clothes and going all the way to the other end of the ship to the Spa, I found no-one there, only a few people working out on the treadmills, and no staff anywhere to ask what had happened to the Pilates class.

There seemed to be a lot of incidents throughout the week of activities not being where
and when they were advertised to be, and no explanations given. This is why I thought
the CD's entertainment staff were questionable to say the least.

That evening my hubby and I dined alone in the dining room as my cousin was still under the weather with a respiratory ailment, and my sister stayed with her.

Our meal was enjoyable again, starting with Cold Yogurt Soup and Spinach & Ricotta
Cheese in Phyllo Pastry, followed by entrees of delicious Lamb Chops and the Flat Iron
Steak, which although difficult to chew, was tasty just the same.

For dessert, I died and went to heaven with Carnival's special Warm Chocolate Melting
Cake, and James enjoyed a White Chocolate Bread Pudding.
When I thanked our waiter for a delicious dinner and commented on the wonderful
dessert, he asked if I wanted the recipe. I thought he was going to sell me a Carnival
cookbook, but he went to the Maitre 'D's desk and pulled out a photocopy of the
recipe for Warm Chocolate Melting Cake! I can't wait to buy some ramekins and try
it at home!

After dinner we decided to go see a piano player named Greg who was supposed to
be at the Fountainhead Lounge. Once again, there was nobody there. Confusing, and
Instead, we waited for the theatre show called Huey & the Blues, which we thought was
a tribute to Huey Lewis & The News, but it wasn't. I can't honestly say I remember any-
thing about this show, although my notes say it was energetic, entertaining and had
great audience participation!

By the time the show ended at 9:30 I went off to bed as I too, was not feeling well,
having developed a nasty cough and sore throat...

Goodnight from Flat Stanley and the elephant.......

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