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Default Miracle Cruise 2010 Part 4

Miracle Cruise Part 4
Sunday November 14, 2010
St. Maarten

Our first port day, in St. Maarten and I woke up sick. I had a whopper headache and a
nasty sore throat and felt just awful, so James went immediately to the Shore Excursion desk and canceled our shore excursion "Sail & Snorkel".
I skipped breakfast and went straight to the medical centre. This was my 2nd visit to the Miracle's medical services, as I had an issue with atrial fibrilation the last time we sailed on Miracle. This time, the doctor was not available, having been up all night with an emergency, but the nurse on duty gave me some Cepacol lozenges and a couple packs of Alka-Seltzer to gargle with. I'd never heard of gargling with Alka-Seltzer before, but it did work and got rid of my sore throat. The bill was only a little over $6 too, which was a big improvement from the last time I visited the clinic with a bill over $600!

After gargling, taking some Tylenol and sleeping all morning, I felt well enough to have a
light lunch and then get off the ship for a quick souvenir quest in the Duty Free shop in
St. Maarten.

I was so under the weather I did not even enjoy shopping, nor did I make my customary stop at Happy Hours for a frozen Margarita.
I did manage to get a photo of James with his beloved ships.

Back on the ship I headed to the aft pool area to lie in the sun, but the horrid annoying

music chased me back in, and I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and knitting on
our balcony, enjoying the peace and quiet and watching Celebrity's Millennium sail away.

My sister and cousin went on the shore excursion that we had canceled, and apparently had such a wonderful time enjoying the rum punch, that they did not make it to dinner that night!
We dined alone again, and I enjoyed an excellent Chicken Noodle Soup - just what I
needed, while James had Mushroom Soup.
Then I had one of my favourites, Tom Turkey, and James had a Filet Mignon, which he
claimed was OK but not great.
For dessert I loved my Chocolate Raspberry Vanilla Cream Cake, and James had the
Apple Pie and Ice Cream. Another successful dinner in the Bacchus Dining Room.

There wasn't much on in the way of entertainment this evening. We did attend the Big
Screen Trivia in the Phantom Theatre, where they showed pictures of famous actors
and actresses and we had to guess who they were. Some of them were very obscure
and I had never heard of them.
This was finished by 9:30, then there was nothing until 10:00 when they had the" Love
and Marriage Game Show", the "Newlywed, Not-so-Newlywed" game.
This at least, was hosted by the Cruise Director, one of the few events he appeared
at all week. This game show is always good for a few laughs, and I was pleased to
see that all 3 couples participating received a bottle of champagne as a prize.
They certainly deserved it for the humiliation they went through!

It was off to bed for us after that, as I was tired and still feeling "cruddy". The crud,
or at least the cough, stayed with me the rest of the week, and into my first week at
home, and from what I heard around the ship, I was not the only one suffering with it.

Goodnight from Flat Stanley and Brontosaurus…..

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