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Default Miracle Cruise Part 5

Miracle Cruise Part 5
Day 5, Monday November 15, 2010
St. Lucia

Today's port was St. Lucia, and I think, one of the prettiest ports to sail into.
Lots of green, and pretty little coloured houses dot the landscape.

In St. Lucia, we three girls booked a tour together, James stayed on board.
Since we are all fascinated with dolphins we chose the Dolphin and Whale Watch tour, the operative word being "watch".
It was a sunny, hot and humid day, as we boarded our boat for the long ride out to the Pitons at the other end of the island.
It was extremely hot on the boat, and quite rocky; thank goodness for Gravol.

Free drinks were handed out, rum punch, fruit punch and fruit juices, but that was not enough to keep us cool. At some point, the 3 of made our way up to the very front of the boat just to catch a breeze. After a long one and a 1/2 hour ride outbound, with not a sighting anywhere, we finally
slowed down near the Pitons, and circled for about a half hour.

We did finally see some dolphins, but as I was trying to videotape with one hand, and hang on the railing for dear life with the other, I just could not manage to get my camera out and snap any pictures.
Although we saw a few dolphins and some flying fish, we did not spot any whales at all.
It wasn't a very exciting excursion, in fact quite boring and very hot, but it was fun for a while riding the rolling waves up on the front of the boat, and Flat Stanley even enjoyed "riding" the waves at the back!

On the ride back, we rode closer to the island where we could see some of the damage from the recent hurricane, as well as the interesting rock face of the cliffs, and a special ittle side trip into Marigot Bay, home of the Chateau Marigot Restaurant, some impressive yachts, and the spectacular homes of Oprah Winfrey, George Foreman and Rolling Stone Mick Jagger.

We arrived back at the ship around 2:30, hot, tired and hungry and went for lunch.
My cousin Penny and I spent some time in the aft pool and then hot tub to round off the afternoon.

At dinner that night, we were interrupted by a very serious announcement from our Captain Rocco Lubrano, who informed us of an unfortunate incident that happened that day in St. Kitts, our next port of call.

Passengers from the Celebrity Mercury had been robbed at gunpoint aboard a tour bus on one of the ship's shore excursions.
Our Captain had been in touch with the police and the authorities in St. Kitts and had decided not to stop there tomorrow. Instead, he had arranged for us to make a stop in Antigua.
There was much applause and murmuring of approval from the dining room.
We were fortunate that we were able to visit another port, rather than have another sea day, and we were very pleased with our Captain's decision.

Following this announcement, we all enjoyed another wonderful dinner in the Bacchus Dining Room, which included Lamb Chops, Flat Iron Steak, and soup with Lemongrass and Coconut, and Warm Chocolate Melting cake all around for dessert....mmmmm!

Tonight's entertainment was a big production show called "Generations".
It was a very good show, encompassing the music and dance over the generations, and showcased the talent of the Carnival singers ana dancers.

After the show we headed up to the Lido deck for the Big Deck Party, which wasn't so big.
The only good thing about it was that the Filipino band Music Unlimited was playing live, and they did a very good and very long set of classic oldies.
Passengers were dancing and enjoying themselves only because the music was so good.
There was no Cruise Director hosting, or any of his staff present, and no organization whatsoever, like we have seen on other ships, where there were dancing games, contests, and conga lines.
Again, poor marks for Miracle's entertainment staff.

We were also looking for the advertised Mexican Buffet at the Deck Party, only to find out it wasn't coming out until 11:30 till 1 a.m. - way too late for us!

So, it was off to bed again where Flat Stanley bid goodnight to a Frog...

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