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Default So, is everyone going to point and laugh?

My husband and I are going on our first cruise in January, on Holland America. We've never been on a cruise before and we wanted to do one for our (somewhat delayed) honeymoon. I guess we didn't know what we were getting into as far as dress code!!

We're both in our 20's and work at good jobs, but jobs that have little to no dress code. Not to mention that I've lost 30 lbs in the past year - YAY, but that leaves me limited as far as clothes that fit! So long story short, our wardrobes are largely jeans and t-shirts! We both have enough clothes that I think will work with the dinner dress code, and we do each have a nice formal outfit....but we're young, we just paid for a wedding, and honestly, we both tend to dress for functionality more than style. None of our clothes are exactly pricey or designer brands! Some of the discussions here, about people pointing and whispering and whatnot, have me a little nervous. I'm not cruising to make friends but I'd rather people not give us a hard time about what we're wearing while we're on vacation!

Yes, we do plan on adhering to the dress code, but more in JC Penney and Old Navy than Nordstroms and Ralph Lauren and whatever people who have money wear. Are we going to look ridiculous or are we ok? (And PS - I can rock a dress from JCP!)
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