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I was off work today. So I can wear whatever I want right? I had an appointment at the local community college to take a campus tour since I want to go back to school. I wore slacks (its still in the mid 80s at times in FL), a black undershirt and a dark blue short sleeve button down. There was no dress code stated for this experience, but that's how I felt. But dress aside ... as I was getting home something struck me. I walked in and walked over to my little table where I put my wallet, keys, work ID, and anything else I might have. I took my watch off and placed it there. Yes, a real watch. All metal watch. And that's not the only watch I own. I live in Florida so yes I do have days where I run around in shorts and a t-shirt. But I still have a watch on my arm. In fact, I feel down right naked if I go out for the day without one on. I'm not sure if there's a correlation ... but I do feel that the concept of going out looking nice and going out with a watch can be related.

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