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Originally Posted by Tim L Scheffer View Post
Can you rent cars State side for those ports or do you have to rent them there.
Tim You can rent the cars there in Cozumel.I have done so about a half dozen times over the last few years.They are very competitive and I usually get a small a/c car for about 50 dollars ,go all around the car and note any dings or scratches.Then you are off Cozumel is an island and you cant get lost you can loop to the point where the lighthouse is and go to Bob Marleys,follow along back behind and there are small cabanas where you can eat fresh ceviche and watch the waves -an enjoyable afternoon.Stop at a gas station on the way in and refill the tank or pay double when you return it.I have not rented in Progresso but did in Calica and drove to Tulum With no problem .With things as they are now in Mexico I would think twice about that one though Cozumel is very safe.Good luck and have fun
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