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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
What I sometimes find it hard to understand is there are plenty of places to go for vacation where you can run around in cut offs, swim suits all day and never have to dress. When its spelled out what the cruiseline expects of its passengers and then not to follow them is another thing. If you don't want to dress the part, take a different kind of vacation where it doesn't matter...Sometimes, I'm not crazy about putting on a dress, but its really no big deal either...Plus, there is always the buffet if one doesn't want to put on some nicer clothes...Why walk into the dining room on a formal night in shorts??
i am with you on this one Donna. It would not even occur to me to even think about going to the dining room on FORMAL night in anything less than a cocktail dress. If i really didn't feel like getting dressed up(yeah like that would happen lol) i would go to the buffet or to anyone of the many bistros available on most cruises
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