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Talking Hanging out in the sun and swimming

Originally Posted by MRS. SMITH View Post
We are traveling aboard the Carnival Freedom on Nov. 7, 2009 and one of our stops is Antigua. We enjoy taking a cab to the beach and just hanging out in the sun and swimming for the day. I have recently read different articles on line that said Antigua was a dangerous island for tourists. Is that true? Any help would really be appreciated.
Well, now, my personal idea if I wanted to hang out in the sun and swim would be to let everybody else get off the ship and establish myself as the King of the pool deck! When everybody else is in port the staff falls all over themselves to take care of the ones left aboard! Why get off the ship, negotiate with a strange cabby, visit a beach you know little about, and take all that trouble just to swim in a different patch of water?

Or better yet take a sfe and secure ship's tour to some of the interesting places on the island in the morning and then rule the pool deck in the afternoon sun!

Have a GREAT cruise!

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