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When you cruise again what would you do different?
* Pack different?
I wish I could pack "lighter" but somehow never seem to manage it. I have cut down on some of hubbies things, but that just leaves more room for some extras for me! As far as Formal clothes.....we now squash hubbys tux in the bottom of our carry on and just get it cleaned when we board! All sparkling fresh for the first Formal night!

* Plan different?
I think I already plan pretty well.

* Pick a different stateroom?
On Seabourn I would be happy with any suite as long as it has a bathtub!

* Pick a different dinning room time?
Again on Seabourn.....its dine when you want. I wouldnt like a crusie with "set" dinner times.

* Choose a different sailing itinerary?
I spend a lot of time looking at itineraries so am always happy with what I have chosen.....just wish I could choose more of them!

* Spend less on ?????
Once again on Seabourn, there is really nothing much to spend on. You can pay extra for finer wines...but we are Aussies....we drink anything... the included wines are fine for us.

* Spend less on photos?
There are no photo sales on Seabourn. I takes thousands of photos every trip but of course digital dont cost anything. Photos used to be a huge expense for me so thank goodness some clever person invented digital!

* Drink less?
Ummmmm nope....wont agree to that one!

* Eat less? thanks

* Book a cruise longer than the last one?
My cruises seem to get longer every very first was 55 days....second was 83 days (I think)....third one I went backwards a bit and it was only 26 one I am jumping up again and it will be 102!

* Do more or less in port excursions?
Depends on the Ports. We like a mixture of ships excursions, and wandering around on our own.

* Stay on board the ship at some ports?
We would probably still leave the ship even if only for an hour or two....just to have a bit of exercise, after all that eating and drinking that we are not cutting back on!

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