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Let's see:

* Pack different? I pack fairly conservatively as is. My DW...well that is another story. And that ain't gunna change.

* Plan different? Nope. I love to plan to a degree. I think one of the greatest faults in "travel" is that people plan too much. By having everything organized to check things off you miss so many opportunities to really "travel" and experience a place.

* Pick a different stateroom? I think too much time is spent by some trying to find the "perfect" stateroom. That said, I do look at Deck 7 midship is IMHO the best location on Seabourn's big sisters.

* Pick a different dinning room time? On Seabourn you dine when you want...which changes as the day dictates.

* Choose a different sailing itinerary? Every time!!!

* Spend less on ????? I would not necessarily spend less, but possibly more wisely.

* Spend less on photos? On Seabourn there are no photographers. Yeah!

* Drink less? Not happening. Moderation...or at least thinking of moderation.

* Eat less? Definitely not happening. Did you see my latest blog post on the Food & Wine Tasting on my last cruise?

* Book a cruise longer than the last one? The last one was 9 days and I think that is about perfect for me...I still work!

* Do more or less in port excursions? It depends on the ports. See my comment on what "travel" is.

* Stay on board the ship at some ports? There are very few ports I would not get off the ship in...and those are all in the Caribbean. In most ports there is always a hidden gem to discover. See my comment on what "travel" is.

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