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What I wouldn’t do differently:

• Choose another cruise line than Seabourn. I tried that once (Regent.) It was o.k. but food & service were mediocre. I’ll stick to Seabourn until their product deteriorates.

• Eat or drink less. Why bother to cruise Seabourn if this is a goal?

• Cruise for less than 2 weeks. I can’t imagine getting off after a week. I waited to start my cruising experience until I could afford the time & money for a longer cruise. I like short vacations (just got back from 4 days in Paris for fun,) but a short cruise doesn’t feel right to me.

What I would do differently

• Learning to pack is still a work in progress for me. (My wife is a master. She amazes everybody with her minimal amount of luggage & still looks good. I fail to look impressive no matter how much I pack.) The best packing advice I got was to before a trip, lay out all the clothes you want to take & all the money you plan to bring. Then, put back half the clothes & double the money. Easy to understand but still hard for me to do.

• Search for different itineraries. I prefer not to return to ports I have visited, particularly if I have been there on a land trip. I also have no desire to go to the Caribbean. That eliminates a lot of itineraries. I’m still looking at itineraries that include small islands in the Mediterranean.

• Avoid group excursions that include long bus rides. Do more walking on my own & hire more guides.

• Exercise more. (It sounds like a better idea now than when I am on the ship.)
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