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Originally Posted by Fruitcake View Post
Maybe I am misinterpreting what you've written, but how is having someone outside the family "taking care" of the person with disabilities going to let the rest of the family "vacation" together?

The person with the disabilities is part of the family!!! He/she should not be left out of the family fun, but should participate to the best of his/her ability.

If the person with disabilities has an aide when not on vacation, then the family already had the option to include that aide on the cruise if they chose to do so.

There are numerous agencies that provide aides to those with disabilities.
I see this is a very old post, but it kind of irritated me. Yes, you misinterpereted. The reason for an attendant is not to keep them from the family, but to make it a vacation for all, to do the personal care and attending to that person's needs, giving family more enjoyment time together.

Most pca's can't go on a cruise due to their own home or job responsibilities. It would take someone who is able to free up their time to go. I'm in geriatrics with a gentleman who wants to go, non ambulatory and total care physically. I'd love to go, but one of those unable to free up time.
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