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Default I'm just question

I've taken a few different types of massage on various cruise ships and what stands out is that on a few of them, different massage therapists have rubbed me (almost raw) adjacent to my shoulder blades, claiming there was "lactic acid build up" which they were massaging away. It has happenend on at least two different ships, different therapists. I know that Steiner rules the roost on cruise ship spas, but do you think that Steiner (kinda) advises them to do/say this in that location (as well as other things in other locations) because then they get to try to sell you products which are made to get rid of this? I know that this is not lactic acid buildup there but I am not going to get into an argument with them over it. I incidently know that whatever type of treatment I am going to have will not interfere with my health issues, so do not even bother to put those down on the questionairre (because they may just say that this cream/lotion/liquid will take care of arthritis, is good for cellulite, rosemary water good for muscle stress, etc...). I want to see just how good they are sometimes.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else and what did they say/suggest? Just curious...
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