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Not only are they poaching clients via phone, but they are doing it on cruise ships. I have clients who I have had for years. I tried repeatedly to get them to try Carnival, but they stuck with Royal Caribbean. On their Voyager of the Seas cruise last spring they met a Carnival executive onboard. He gave them the name and number of a Carnival PVP and told them he would get them a special deal. After they were all booked, and paid they had all kinds of questions. The PVP was no longer with Carnival so they called me expecting me to service a booking made directly with Carnival. I have been on FAMS and seminars on Carnival and we are warned never to try to get customers onboard or we can lose the right to book. Yet, their own executives go out and do it. The client said he would have booked with me but was told that a travel agent could not get him as good a deal. I asked what he was paying and I could have gotten a better fare for them plus gotten upgrades. He qualified for both a residency rate and a senior fare, neither of which he got. They also did not get a bottle of wine or OBC from Carnival, which I would have given them. Between this, the phone calls and E-mails to my clients from the cruise lines and all the TA bashing on that other online forum I figure I will get out of the business in a year or two. I've been at it 18 years and am a CLIA Master Cruise Counsellor who has sailed on over 42 different ships, yet every Tom, Dick and Harry out there thinks they know it all when booking their first or second cruise. I love it when I see people complaining about rooms under the disco or over the main show room or find that they are denied boarding for failure to have proper documentation. Invariably, they were do it yourselfers.
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